Stop losing new customers by getting them to remember you

Jayu helps customers remember to come back more so that you can grow steady, long-term revenue.

Do more with retention

Grow 2.5x faster than competitors

Get up to 9x more spend

Increase referrals by up to 60%

You lose 25 – 90% in profits from new customers who never come back

The more returning customers, the more growth. But the fact is most new customers forget about your business after their visit.

As a result you…

Lose 30 – 70 % of new customers each month

Continually spend to get new customers

Only get 5 – 15% of new customers to buy

Can’t establish steady revenue growth

Miss out on word of mouth referrals

Will not become a local favorite

Large enterprises already have great retention tools.

You should have them too.

Large enterprises already have great retention tools.

You should have them too.

Get up to 60% more returning customers

Messaging is key to getting customers to come back faster and more often.

That’s why we created Jayu to reach customers for you, at the right time and the right place.

Start with a custom retention plan for your business

4 campaigns that automatically reaches lost customers until they visit 5 times

Weekly reminders sent to customers to boost monthly visits

Birthday specials that draw in current and potential customers

A mobile app page to increase customer engagement up to 75%

Ready for long term customers?

Get your custom plan

We’ll create a retention plan for our software to automatically run

Sign up new customers

Customers sign up in 5 seconds after making their purchase

Automatic outreach

With your program on autopilot, see more returning customers

Trusted by local businesses

“We brought back first time buyers twice as fast with Jayu. Our customers loved how easy it was to use.”

Michael from Sharetea | San Diego, CA

Need full control of your retention program?

Use the same tools available to large enterprises to bring customers back in again and again.

Reward points

Simple rewards program tracked by customer phone number


Send SMS, mobile notifications, or emails to customers anytime

Customer data

View your customer database on your web portal

Promotional tools

Use a variety of marketing tools to get customers to come back

Cashback incentives

We motivate customers to come back by giving cashback for visits

Social engagement

Get more customers from interaction on your loyalty app

No contracts

No hidden fees

Responsive support

Start today

Reach out to see if Jayu is a good fit. We’ll respond within a few minutes.

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